About ourselves

Mészáros Pál és fia

“I heard this old verity from my grandfather: “Son, the vine produces the farm-house, though the farm-house does not produce the vine.” Ever since I do have a peculiar affection toward the vine.” /Mészáros Pál/

The tradition of viticulture and winemaking has been passed from father to son in the Mészáros family for centuries. The living members of the family feel obliged to preserve, continue and develope the values created by their forefathers, therefore the past two decades have witnessed a dynamic developement and progress. First, the Mészáros Wine-house and cellar had been completed in the center of Szekszárd where the the visitors are greeted by the spirit of past centuries, and after that the winery together with the winery technology got updated.

We believe, it is our mission to represent qualitatively the wine of Szekszárd and the tourism related to it, hence we had expanded our business and opened our downtown hotel with 22 rooms in the autnumn of 2014. Beside accomodation, we offer to organize different events and other programs. We would like to provide memorable culinary experiences to our local guests and guests visiting our town.

“I wish the next generation would continue the work I have started… And it seems, it stands a good chance!” /Mészáros Pál/